Wahana Rasuna

Rasuna is a hybrid Catimor and Typica originated in Sumatra. Rasuna is grown in 90 Ha of Wahana Estate land. This is a new varietal being planted in Takengon area.

Catimor is known for its disease resistance but has a shorter life span of about 10 years however Typica was known for its low yield but much longer lifespan. Combining the two varietals was aimed to retain yield as well as production lifespan therefore Rasuna varietal is created. Rasuna is one of the most popular cultivar that is planted in Sumatera. Rasuna is planted in Wahana as a control (to see how other variety ranks up to it) and to develop its full potential as a result of growing in a conducive environment.

Rasuna is only currently cultivated in Indonesia at this time. It’s grown best in altitude above 1,200 m with Wahana located on altitude of 1,300 – 1,500 m above sea level. All Rasuna coffee trees in Wahana Estate are grown under shaded trees which prevent direct sunlight to allow coffee trees to grown naturally.


Wahana Rasuna micro-lot is found to have;

Frangrance notes: Cocoa, Mild fruit and Spice

Flavor Notes: Citrus, Chocolate, Butter

Body: Full

Acidity: Good and Clear

overall: Uniform coffee with clean cup and citrus like sweetness.