Farm Facility

Truck pemadam

Wahana Estate fire truck, not only helps to protect our own estate from fire disaster, we also dedicate ourselves to help to extinguish fire in the neighboring community.
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Security guard

Our Estate has security guards on standby for 24 hours to ensure the safety of 400 people & families that are living inside.

Quality control lab

Wahana Estate quality control lab will check to ensure that all food products that are produced are of highest quality and safe to consume.


Wahana Estate Clinic is dedicated to provide free medical checkup and medicine to both our worker and farmers who come to our Estate as part of our CSR program.

Worker Housing

Workers in our Estate are given free housing, electricity, water and access to clean toilets.


Wahana Estate provides free education for kids who stay inside the farm and neighboring farmer's children as part of our CSR program.

Childcare center

Wahana Estate provides free childcare for workers children so that they can work at ease to produce coffee, fruits and vegetables to be of the highest quality.

Composting shed

Wahana Estate believes in sustainable agriculture and recycles the waste from the coffee cherries and vegetables to make compost for the plants that grow inside of wahana estate.

Production support organization/ farmer support center

Wahana Estate production support organizations help to provide free technical knowledge to farmers and help exchange ideas on best farming practices.