Our Coffee

Our Story
After decades of trading Indonesian coffee, we found the need to produce and supply coffee for the specialty and high grade specialty market. Through years of research of planning, we finally acquire the land and start the Wahana Estate Project in 2005.

Mission and Vision
1. To produce and deliver Specialty and High Grade Specialty coffee.
2. To deliver clear traceability coffee supply chains to the customers.
3. To practise and emphasize on sustainable agriculture

Coffee Nursery
Wahana coffee estate has around 30 ha for coffee nursery. The local seedling varieties that we are currently growing, are Long Berry from Aceh, Toraja from Sulawesi, Andong Sari from Jember- Java, Rasuna from Sumatera, S795 from Jember-Java. The international seedling varieties are Villa Sachi from Costa Rica, Cattura from Costa Rica, Cattuai from Costa Rica, Columbia Typica from Columbia.

Wahana Speciality Grade
By Building a washing station inside Wahana Estate compound, it allow us to buy Red Coffee Cherries from the farmers and produce coffee with higher quality and consistent cup. Everyday, our trucks travels around Lake Toba to collect cherries from farmers and bring it back immediately to our factory for processing.

Wahana High Grade Specialty
(Micro & Nano lots)
To create a High Quality Coffee from North Sumatera province, Wahana Estate practise sustainable agriculture by having all shade trees and organic fertilisers (composting) in the farm. Wahana Estate segregrate every varietals by plots and harvest them separately so as to unlock the potentials of each varietals. Furthermore, only the red cherries are being harvested then processed separately in our factory immediately.
- Planted in altitude of 1250 to 1400m above sea level
- Temperature range from 13 to 29 degree Celcius
- Annual rainfall of 2000mm to 3000mm
- 100% within our control from planting to delivery
- Cherry brix 15 to 20% depending on varietals
- Full shade legume tree

COFFEE GROWING (in Wahana Estate)
- Maintain coffee shade canopy
- Maintain soil productivity
- Protect wildlife
- Conservation area with native trees
- Ecological pest and disease control
- Farm management and Monitoring

Wahana Coffee Processing Facility
In Wahana Estate wet mill facility, we select coffee cherry based on the strict specifications and tailor made the coffee process based on customer request. The main processes that are made in the estate ara Full wash, Wet hull, Natural and Honey process. All of the coffee will then be separated lot per lot to ensure its consistency in quality.