Our Vegetables

Wahana Estate Plantation
In Wahana Estate, we have seperates the farming area for coffee, fruits and vegetables cultivations. Coffee makes up 50% of the total estate and more than 15 varietals are planted to observe its adaptability, character and cup profile. The coffee nursery will then select the best varietals and produce good quality seeding for own estate and partner farmer's group.
Apart from coffee, fruits and vegetables are grown for both domestic and export market. Fruits and vegetables includes avocado, strawberry, passion fruits, Japanese sweet potato, Japanese radish, Japanese soybean and azuki beans are grown and brought to factory for cleaning, packing or further processing.

Wahana Vegetable Processing Facility
Wahana Vegetable factory produces fresh, dry, chilled and frozen products which caters for both domestic and export market. The factory adhere strictly to the 5S principles (seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke) and had been primarily supplying chilled/ frozen boiled, baked, steam and fried vegetable products for Japan market.

Vegetable section
- Started in 2004
- Previously known as Indoyasai
- New Facility which begins production on January 2010
- Final product storage capacity of 300 MT
- Own farming space of 80 ha and increasing
- Provide high land grown vegetable

Our goal
- To produce food that is safe to eat and of good quality
- To be leading vegetable producer in Indonesia
- To have a safe and great place to work at where people are constantly improving
- To cooperate with strategic partner and produce vegetables with strong emphasis on sustainability

Our Current Product
- Frozen Fried/Baked/Boil/Steam Sweet potato (Beniazuma variety)
- Chilled Daikon (Haruzumari variety)

Future Product
- Frozen Edamame
- Frozen Mukimame
- Frozen Satoimo
- Other possible vegetable (depends on customer request)